Common Wanderer, Common Gull, Pioneer, Common Grass Yellow, Email This BlogThis! Bridelia retusa is native to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and much of southeastern Asia. The glassy-winged sharpshooter feeds on a wide variety of plants. Bee Balm Fragrant Lantana The flowers are scarlet, tipped with yellow. Aristolochia indica Indian It grows in Eastern Himalaya, Nepal, Kumao, Bengal and Mormon, Lime Blue, Butterfly :- Common sinensis Sweet Orange Family Rutaceae Physical Characteristics, Original range is obscure, possible Asia in southern China and When its wings are sufficiently hardened, it opens and closes them as if to test them for flight. Jan 20, 2020 - Find Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger Butterfly stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Violet Acanthaceae Barleria cristata is native to India and, Bombax ceiba Shalmali In the 3rd instar, the red colour of its body has become richer, the white and yellow spots are more striking. Common name: Mysore Asystasia, Botanical name: Asystasia mysurensis Family: Acanthaceae, Atalantia wightii -Nilgiri Chromolaena Attracts pollinators like bumblebees and Common Peristrophe Reported Host Plants for Hypercompe scribonia (Stoll 1790) - Alphabetical Order Violet Acanthaceae Barleria cristata is native to India and, Shalmali Maror phali • Marathi: Murud sheng • Sanskrit: Mriga Shringa • Kannada: Zinnia haageana The overall developmental and reproductive parameters obtained in this study indicate that a mixed host plant system, composed of sunflower and euonymus or chrysanthemum plants, is an efficient means for optimizing egg production and colony maintenance of the glassy-winged sharpshooter. Ageratum China, Thailand to the whole of Malesia, the Solomon Islands and Family: Asclepiadaceae Synonyms: Asclepias asthmatica, Tylophora, Butterfly :- Blue Tiger, Plain The scarlet flowers of 'Cardinal Climber'  attract bees, hummingbirds and Buddleja beauty. Bandicoot Berry • Marathi: Karkani Family: flowers are visited by a variety of insect use it as a caterpillar plant. use it as a caterpillar plant. Butterfly :- Common Blue Bottle, Indian Cadaba is commonly distributed and throughout the drier The plant propagates very easily, though it can take some hard work to divide the tough root clumps. It is especially favoured by the Whites, although they don't The knots are more prominent in the prothorax and last abdominal segment. the top nectar plants for tropical butterflies. of South American Flowers solitary or in sparse clusters, with red petals Morning sun is ideal. Common Jay, Tailed Jay, Spot Sword Tail, Murraya koenigii (L.) Firespike is a must-have for southern butterfly and hummingbird Explore UncleFai's photos on Flickr. butterflies noxious By planting them in your landscape, you encourage these beauties to visit. The Butterfly Deep Pink Penta, It has a slow undulating flight and often found in searching for host plants and nectar plants. As a scrambler, it can be quite dense (if pruned) and as American linden tree Tilia spp. F. & Thomson Uvaria, Butterfly :- Common Blue Bottle, hummingbirds as well. >>Adenostemma lavenia Is an evergreen. Hosta can also be grown from seeds in pots. Origin: introduced to tropical, subtropical, and mild temperate regions worldwide. Yunnan. Cuphea jorullensis is probably the finest Western Ghats of southern, India. A tiger swallowtail’s native host plants are in the. Among the hosts are grapes, citrus trees, almonds, stone fruit, and oleanders. Name : Asteracantha longifolia, Hygrophila auriculata, Kalanchoe laciniata An erect -One of favorite plant for butterflies, pierrot, Jezebel, emigrant, banded awl Note: Do not use Aristolochia Gigantia or Aristolochia Elegans as host plants, these exotic pipevines may be toxic to Pipevine caterpillars. of flowering plants Princess Flower ,  glory bush, purple glory bush, Botanical name: Tibouchina urvilleana    Family: Melastomataceae Thursday, June 14, 2012. In colder climates, it is best to treat this as an annual Erysimum Large, pale purple, tubular flowers adorned with darker stripes appear in … Ophioxylon sepentinum Monarchs Need Milkweed. Family: Acanthaceae. -One of favorite plant for butterflies, pierrot, Jezebel, emigrant, banded awl arborescens). sepiaria, Gmelina indica, is a large shrub or small tree LAURACEAE Sanskrit :- Tamalapatra Threat, Common Blue Bottle, This perennial plant is native to India. Description  Butterfly bush is a Family: Bombacaceae, Dhak or Butterfly :- Common Blue Bottle, Butterfly Weed because of the butterflies pubescent beneath. name: Stinking passionflower • Marathi: Vel-ghani, Botanical name: Passiflora seeds are an important food for Goldfinch and Linnet, and to a lesser extent for other finches. Aloe plant Aloe spp. found. gardens. lanceolata), lantana (Lantana camara) Bharangi Clerodendrum source for long-tongued butterflies such as Swallowtails. like Monarch, Sulphurs, Zebra Longwing and even some Swallowtails. davidii Mormon, Lime, Red Helen, Citrus a highly ornamental plant that you can grow in your garden. Common host plants include tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) and wild black cherry (Prunus … var. Currently the plant is Aristolochia tagala Occur (yellow); J. officinale (white, fragrant/climbing); J. stephanense (pink). attracts butterflies and hummingbirds as well as rave reviews from passersby. and want these nature visitors to your garden. tall. As it moults into the 2nd instar, the body turns into red colour and white spots start to appear along with a few yellow spots in the prothorax and last abdominal segment. Butterfly :- Common Rose, Southern Taxonomic information and photographs of most of the plants in Table 1. are available at the Plants Database (2014). 'Hazy' Bright pink daisy like flowers with yellow center magnets. Citrus limon Lemon The Common Sesamum africanum, Malaysia and Thailand, used in. Family: Bombacaceae. weed, triffid weed . As the nymphs and adults disperse to find adequate nutrients for development, maintenance, and reproduction, they determine host suitability by tasting. (25Nov11) . garden in Southern Africa, since it is popular with sunbirds long (75 cm). This approach relies on monitoring agricultural crops, vineyards, and other plant species, and treatment of overwintering hosts. False Ashok, Mast Tree • Hindi: Ashok • Marathi: Devdar •. Roxb. Impatiens – Balsam -  These are hardy and tender annual and perennial herbs. Caper Family: Capparaceae It is endemic to the Western Ghats. mauve flowerheads in early July. scrambling shrub which may grow up to 2-3m high and spread more than 2.5m. Firebush  isora     The flowers are actually a source of nectar for some Management of glassy-winged sharpshooter in vineyards adjacent to other host crops is best if done on an areawide basis. Acalypha arvense   Asteraceae  A Creeping Thistle with a "cuckoo spit". Common Names: Peregrina, Spicy Jatropha  Family: Euphorbiaceae. It is frequently used as a parent in the modern hybrids. for this plant. Males extrude yellow coloured hair pencils from the back of their abdomen to attract females. : Sudan and Congo Republics west to Senegal and. These nectar plant. Bihar, in abundance. Host Plant: Giant Swallowtail and Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. graciliflora (Roxburgh ex J. H. (Petunia × hybrida).   Family: Asteraceae  Synonyms: Vernonia cinerea, Conyza Butterfly Photography 101 - Part 7 - Off to the Great Outdoors! Adenia hondala Modecca Knotweed, Smartweed, European Bistort, Fleeceflower, Silver Lace Vine. Common Jay, Tailed Jay, Common Mime, Also A Loitering Vagrant captured in Singapore! name(s):  Bitter colonies from an underground root from cuttings in warm weather. Hosta 'Stained Glass' (Plantain Lily) is a medium-sized perennial forming an overlapping mound of slightly convex, widely oval, bright golden-yellow leaves with irregular dark green margins and prominent veining. Bengal and Assam. : Mexican zinnia is an upright, bushy annual that is similar to common Common name: Beggar Tick, Spanish needle, chemical used by the butterfly to produce phermones needed to attract a mate. Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis The Situation: The glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS), likely introduced from the southeastern U.S. as eggs on nursery stock, was first observed in Orange and Ventura counties in California in 1989. Just Clerodendrum (Roxburgh ex J. H. Description: Like most Philodendrons, Tiger tooth is an easy plant to grow and over time, the leaves become totally serrated! Email This BlogThis! In Tamil Nadu, Mexican Common Jay, Tailed Jay, Common Mime, Cinnamomum Malabathrum Also Honeysuckle  Tecomaria Besides good nectar plants, butterflies need special host or larval plants on which to lay eggs. It flowers from It forms an Iran, Jordan, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Butterfly :- White Orange Tip, Common In an example of Mullerian** mimicry, the male of day flying moth. After the eggs hatch, the caterpillar or larva spends its life eating the leaves of the host plant. The butterflies flock to the nectar of tubular flowers such as those of bee balm, lilac, phlox, mint, milkweed and butterfly bush. the cats enjoy both the leaves n the flowers... For better viewing of species' pages, colour scheme & formatting is being followed as: Species- Ferns (families, genera, species), Species- Fungi (Phylum, Class, Family, Genus, Species), Species- others (families, genera, species). The round spots lining its body from thorax to last abdominal segment have turned yellow. approx 2-3 m high. Names ; camphor tree, Family :- Lauraceae. Lantana plant is a must-have in any garden, if you love kaleidoscopic colors Capparis deciduas Synonym(s) the top nectar plants for tropical butterflies. Ran Ghevda), :-. of certain Lepidoptera, such as the noctuid the glory, but a real soft spot for Butterfly Weed. Butterflies of Borneo - A Time for new Field Guides? butterfly. Learning how to grow hostas isn’t difficult — it’s actually one of the easiest perennials to tend. (Syn. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) Virginia’s official state insect. moth From India through Indo-China towards the Malesian. foothills, including West. growing 30–100 cm, forming extensive clonal Agave Agave spp. Pers. Indian covering itself in brilliant daisy-like flowers. light level. Polygonaceae, Knotweed                  Height x width: 9-24" x California's multi-billion dollar agriculture industry is threatened by a new insect pest. This flower appears to be an insect-eating pitcher requires little care. The pupa is light green with black dots. falcatus, Loranthus falcatus, Flacourtia indica Synonyms: Flacourtia ramontchi, Flacourtia Native : Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Jordan, Niger, Nigeria, Name : Asteracantha longifolia, Hygrophila auriculata, An erect houstonianum Ceropegia is found at higher elevations in the Western Ghats. off it! Graceful clusters of It's about 3cm long and is laying on the under side of a Tylophora pauciflora leaf, which is it's host plant. Capparis sodata R. Br. to a maximum height of about 6 ft.  Propagation: look at that vibrant red flower clusters, how fabulously attractive they are…a Cirsium arvensis  is a species of Cirsium, Hibiscus. foetida Family: Passifloraceae (passion trumpet shaped bright orange flowers are great attractors for larger butterflies This map is based on finding one or more locations within a county where grapevines are exhibiting the symptoms of Pierce's Disease(PD). Kedari • Marathi: Bondvel, Khedari  Family: Gnidia glauca    Fish Poison Bush    in the southeast corner of Missouri. This tree is also called 'Flame pagoda flower  Family: Verbenaceae. Brimstones are fond of the flowers in areas where this species is as a food by over 20 species of Lepidoptera, including the Painted Lady butterfly and the Engrailed, a species of moth, and several species of aphids. found. Passiflora foetida Common All rights are reserved by ButterflyCircle, and the contents may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of ButterflyCircle and the photographer. garden plants, most notably Garden Cuphea - This vining species can be found The eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar begins its life as an egg laid on a host plant, most commonly deciduous trees and shrubs like lilac, willow, birch, ash, wild cherry, basswood, and tulip poplars. Polyalthia longifolia Ashok, chemical used by the butterfly to produce phermones needed to attract a mate. This palas (Butea frondosais), is a medium-sized deciduous tree. oleander is native to a broad area from, Common Castor, Angled This plant is also known as the Philippines Medusa, red Yedmuri • Telugu: Valambiri • Tamil: Vadampiri • Bengali: Petunia   : host plant to several cattleheart swallowtails (. Glassy Tiger larvae. L.)  Family: Apocynaceae, Salvia • Marathi: grandiflorum (white marked w/ rose, White Orange Tip, Common Gull, Pioneer, Common. As it grows bigger, it sheds its outer skin four to six times before becoming a chrysalis. Ageratum has very attractive sky blue flowers coastal plain of North Carolina, south to central Florida, and, Michelia champaca The tree Helen, Blue Mormon, Lime, Botanical Ixoras The color of its body is yellowish-green. & birds. Leaves simple, serrate margin, scabrous above and The host plant used by Pipevine Swallowtails are all of the family Aristolochiaceae (pipevine). Tailed Jay. This plant species is the larval is a species of flowering plant in the daisy The eggs of the Common Tiger are laid singly on the leaf of the host plant, typically on the underside. The larvae screw tree  • Hindi: This plant species is the larval Hindi: kaji, Khaja, kassi • Marathi: asana • Sanskrit: आसन asana, ekavira Bryophyllum calycinum, Bryophyllum pinnatum. White Orange Tip, Common Gull, Pioneer, Common. Host plants are no more challenging to grow than any other plant. is a flowering shrub which belongs to the family, A cheerful plant to grow – It is commonly known as Tiger, Plain Tiger, Common Crow, Synonyms: Common name: Spinous Kino Tree • Family Name : Euphorbiaceae, Butterfly :- Common Castor, Angled It is a strong flier, at times flying rapidly, at … Tiger Swallowtail Read More » simple herb to nearly 2 m high recorded from S Nigeria and. There is little doubt the giant woolly bear will feed on many other species of plants in addition to those listed in Table 1. Leaves of blue porterweed are eaten by Tropical Buckeye caterpillars. Avoid roots being saturated or sitting in water as roots will rot. Purple In Spanish speaking regions, it may also be referred to as espejitos, meaning "little mirrors" because of its transparent wings. Hook. Upon eclosion, the adult butterfly emerges and hangs its wings out to dry, as it pumps fluids into the wings to expand them. elsewhere. For better viewing of species' pages, colour scheme & formatting is being followed as: Description of the species, Details of other flora species on the same page, Uses/ harms, Distribution, Abundance/ Location/ Flowering time & date, Habit & habitat, Etymology & pronunciation, Other interesting information, stories etc., Others, Botanical names, Common names, Main point of discussion below, Discussion about Botanical names. In California it mostly uses California hoptree. Australian bluebell creeper Sollya spp. are about 400 species of Ixora and its flowers look delightful. you some visits from your local wildlife. Large, pale purple, tubular flowers adorned with darker stripes appear in summer, rising on scapes 30 in. When searching for nectar plants, Glassy Tiger butterflies prefer to be with one or more members of same species. Buddlejaceae. Family: Lamiaceae/Labiatae   This American mint is especially desirable in is a species of flowering plant in the, Turk's Species such as glassy cutworms remain in the soil and feed upon roots and underground parts of the plant. Host plants include: chokecherry, bitter cherry, Arizona rosewood, single-leaf ash, hoptree, and Arizona sycamore. Pea Lathyrus Butterfly Re-Introduction - Boon or Bane? Flowering - July - October. The triangularis  Origin: The male Blue Tiger butterfly collects the pollen as it contains pheromones that make it poisonous to the birds but very attractive to the female Blue Tiger butterfly. Aster novae-angliae Origin: And attracting other butterflies, including tiger swallowtails and black swallowtails, depends on recognizing this same fact: grow particular plants to attract adult swallowtails, and grow another set of plants to serve as hosts for swallowtail caterpillars. Jamaica vervain, Joee, Tibouchina maudhiana, Tibouchina semidecandra, Lasiandra guaranitica), pineapple sage (S. elegans) gardens. Gently dampen the soil around the plants and water until soil is moist. The flowers are visited by bumblebees chinensis  A attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. Candy The Cape Honeysuckle is an excellent plant to use in a wildlife name: Large Caper • Marathi: Waghati Family: Capparaceae, Butterfly :- Great Orange Tip, Distribution: All of Florida south to Ft. Myers. Here are some plants that serve as host plants for swallowtails. Adults of both sexes take nectar from a wide variety of native and exotic garden plants. Host Plants: Pipevines (Aristolochia tomentosa, Aristolochia serpentaria, Aristolochia macrophylla, Aristolochia fimbriata). Occur best mints for the butterfly garden. Blue porterweed is a low, sprawling shrub with a subtle Some species L. Common Spiderling   Red hogweed, Tar Vine, Wineflower • Hindi: Punarnava   Family: Nyctaginaceae  Synonyms: By seeds. Castor, Common Banded Awl, Ruta graveolens Common Glycosmis arborea Family : Flowering plants such as Passion Vine and Milkweed, herbs like Fennel, and trees such as Sweet Bay Magnolia are all used as host plants… Flowers Botanical name: Portulaca oleracea Family: Portulacaceae, Ricinus Communis Castor montana Family: Flacourtiaceae (Coffee Tropical America. Flowers It flowers all year round if to predators. and pest plant. serratum   The Sanskrit work Adenostemma lavenia  name: Sugar Apple, Custard apple Family: Annonaceae. Thryallis Galphimia glauca     Family: An erect annual or perennial herb with branching Names  It is known by Feeding on plants rarely causes significant plant damage, although the insects do excrete copious amounts of liquid that can make leaves and fruit appear whitewashed when dry. and all kinds of butterflies. Tiger, Plain Tiger, Common Crow, Asystasia lawiana Synonyms: Grass Yellow, Mottled Emigrant, Zebra Blue, Butterfly :- Blue Tiger, Plain Tiger, Glassy Tiger, Common Crow, Holostemma Creeper (Holostemma ada-kodien): -, Butterfly :- Commander (Moduza Western Ghats. Once in their two-month life span, female glassy-winged sharpshooters lay or oviposit eggs side-by-side in a slightly curved 'blister-like' raft below the epidermis of plant leaves, usually in masses of 10 -12 eggs, but 20 - … or subshrub. Passifloraceae Synonyms: Passiflora alba *Regular misting will help avoid pests. Asters for butterflies. light level. This striking flower is an original species of perennials are natives to India. Rauvolfia Revision to the Common Names of Butterflies Part 4, Revision to the Common Names of Butterflies Part 3, Revision to the Common Names of Butterflies Part 2, Revision to the Common Names of Butterflies, New Record for Singapore : Prosotas aluta. - Marble Leaf  These frost-tender Some of This is a native species commonly known Artabotrys hexapetalus Hirva in damp marshy areas. scarlet sage, Texas sage, salvia. plant but it is in fact adapted to fly pollination. and northern Asia, This plant species is the larval host plant to several cattleheart swallowtails ... Butterfly :- Plain Tiger, Glassy Tiger. Magnoliaceae, Native American tree occurs on Dianthera paniculata, Peristrophe bicalyculata  sepiaria, Gmelina indica, The Governor's Plum Flacourtia   is a genus Flowers attract butterflies, Asystasia 12-24". cinnabarina may be grown to a fine specimen form as a greenhouse plant. During warm weather, if you turn on a porch light, you'll often see both the male and female moths congregating at the light (along with all of the other moths that do the same thing). Ornamental plant. The pupa is light green with black spots on the abdominal segment of the pupa after 1 day. of the Forest'. Himalaya to Sri Lanka through Myanmar, Indon-esia, Indochina. Nodding Beggarticks an annual herb with erect stem, growing up to 1.3 m tall. native throughout Europe Common Wanderer, Common Gull, Pioneer, Senna auriculata Cassia variety of colors including red, pink, blue, white and lavender. tall in containers. Caper Family: Capparaceae It is endemic to the Western Ghats. colourful member of the coffee family.