Against Weakness. Was it the "old" name or the "new" name for His lead apostle? Boldness upon temptation, springing from several pretences, hath, as is known, ruined innumerable professors in these days, and still continues to cast many down from their excellency; nor have I the least hope of a more fruitful profession amongst us until I see more fear of temptation. Therefore are we to pray that we may be preserved from it, because we cannot save ourselves. Comment: And so in the present passage, the Lord Jesus instructs us that one way not to "enter the path of the wicked" is by continually watching and praying! And this will be farther discovered in our process. Preaching, storytelling, stories. Upshot? Get your church set-up with online giving, sermon streaming, and more in under 24 hours. Asthenes describes one's state of limited capacity to do or be something and is used literally of physical weakness (most of these uses in the Gospels) and figuratively of weakness in the spiritual arena (weak flesh, weak conscience, weak religious system or commandment [Gal 4:9, He 7:18-note], etc) and thus powerlessness to produce results. Our Saviour expostulates the matter in particular with him: Mt 26:40, “He saith unto Peter, Could you not watch with me one hour?” as if he should have said, “Art thou he, Peter, who but now boasts of thy resolution never to forsake me? View More. It is a woeful thing to consider what slight thoughts the most have of this thing. He that looks to God for assistance in a due manner is both sensible of his danger, and conscientiously careful in the use of means to preserve himself: which two, of what importance they are in this case, may easily be apprehended by them who have their hearts exercised in these things. [4.] We are polished, sometimes in the rubbing of affliction, until we "glow." Solomon tells us of some that “lie down on the top of a mast in the midst of the sea,” Pr 23:34,—men overborne by security in the mouth of destruction. For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. (The Son Drinks the Cup - excellent exposition), J C Ryle on the practical application of Mt 26:41 in the lives of believers…, Christians Must Watch and Pray All His ransomed home to bring, Every trial becomes a test of faith designed to strengthen the believer's faith, but if the believer fails the test by wrongly responding, then that test becomes a temptation or a solicitation to evil. (Bruce Dickinson - Man Of Sorrows). Keep the context in mind… Jesus and his disciples have finished their "Last Supper" together, sung a hymn and gone out to the Mount of Olives (Mt 26:30). Learn more Start my trial Back . But the good that I have received from my sorrows, and pains, and griefs, is altogether incalculable. 6 chap. As the disciples were unmoved by their Master’s danger, their attention is directed to themselves, that a conviction of their own danger may arouse them. We are in all things “kept by the power of God.” This our Saviour instructs us in, not only by directing us to pray that we be not led into temptation, but also by his own praying for us, that we may be kept from it: John 17:15, “I pray not that thou should take them out of the world, but that thou should keep them from the evil,”—that is, the temptations of the world unto evil, unto sin,—"out of evil” that us in the world, that is temptation, which is all that is evil in the world; or from the evil one, who in the world makes use of the world unto temptation. (5). Our Price: $8.99 Save: $31.00 (78%) Buy Now. Sometimes the sermon comes together like a beautifully crafted work of art. ", 39 And He went a little beyond them, and fell on His face and prayed, saying, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will. Store; Bibles; Deals; More; Take a Tour. And therefore consider what weight he lays on it: “Praying always,”—that is, at all times and seasons, or be always ready and prepared for the discharge of that duty, Luke 18:1, Ep 6:18; “with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,”—putting forth all kinds of desires unto God, that are suited to our condition, according to his will, lest we diverted by any thing whatever; and that not for a little while, but “with all perseverance,”—continuance lengthened out to the utmost: so shall we stand. Without this all the rest will be of no efficacy for the end proposed. How many have unexpectedly found strength to die at a stake, to endure tortures for Christ! 36 Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and said to His disciples, "Sit here while I go over there and pray.". May we all store up this lesson against the day of need. Let the heart, then commune with itself and say, “I am poor and weak; Satan is subtle, cunning, powerful, watching constantly for advantages against my soul; the world earnest, pressing, and full of specious pleas, innumerable pretences, and ways of deceit; my own corruption violent and tumultuous, enticing, entangling, conceiving sin, and warring in me, against me; occasions and advantages of temptation innumerable in all things I have done or suffer, in all businesses and persons with whom I converse; the first beginnings of temptation insensible and plausible, so that, left unto myself, I shall not know I am ensnared, until my bonds be made strong, and sin hath got ground in my heart: therefore on God alone will I rely for preservation, and continually will I look up to him on that account.” This will make the soul be always committing itself to the care of God, resting itself on him, and to do nothing, undertake nothing, etc, without asking counsel of him. "Ease slays the simple." A secular use of gregoreuo described a person carefully crossing a river while stepping on slippery stones. Corruptions may slumber, Preaching the cross is powerful and necessary, but there is more for us to say. When God gives a burden, Grief of the Spirit of God, disquietment of our own souls, loss of peace, hazard of eternal welfare, lies at the door. Watch—that ye be not taken unawares; and pray—that when it comes ye may be enabled to bear it. To reiterate, when God is the agent, peirasmos is for the purpose of proving us, never for the purpose of causing us to fall. Mar 30, 1997. Notice what name Jesus uses in the parallel passage in Mk 14:37. Scripture: The word means to be awake or vigilant. But He was pierced through for our transgressions. (1Co 16:13), Charles Simeon reminds us of our need for constant vigilance and exertion writing that…, The old principle (flesh), as has been observed, still remains within us: and, if we be not constantly on our guard, it will regain its former ascendency over us. So that a double advantage will arise from the observation of this direction, both of singular use for the soul’s preservation from the evil feared:—. These words of our Saviour are repeated with very little alteration in three evangelists; only, whereas Matthew and Mark have recorded them as above written, Luke reports them thus: “Rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation;” so that the whole of his caution seems to have been, “Arise, watch and pray, The word means to be awake or vigilant. He Himself bore (literally bore up - to cause to move from a lower position to a higher position) our sins in His body on the cross, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed. (Mt 4:1). But not only weak. And it was through that heel that he received his fatal wound. ', Trial or proving says, 'Do this right and noble thing; do not be hindered by the fact that it is painful.'. Amplified: All of you must keep awake (give strict attention, be cautious and active) and watch and pray, that you may not come into temptation. The engagement of the grace and compassion of God, who hath called the fatherless and helpless to rest upon him; nor did ever soul fail of supplies, who, in a sense of want, rolled itself on him, on the account of his gracious invitation. Matthew 26:41 Bible / Bible Versions / KJV / Matthew / Matthew 26 / Matthew 26:41; Previous Book Previous Chapter ... Scripture Formatting. Rediscover Christmas - 2020 Advent Series. : The night of Jesus' betrayal by Judas and leading to His mock trials and crucifixion in less than 24 hours. God has all the strength, and we have none to fight spiritual battles of any kind. Matthew 26:41 Context. (1) Exercise caution, and do not go beyond the boundaries of your calling. Jesus is calling His disciples to be on the alert, maintaining a constant state of vigilance (vigilance suggests intense, unremitting, wary watchfulness; keenly alert to or heedful of trouble or danger as others are sleeping or unsuspicious). How will young men put themselves on company, any society; at first, being delighted with evil company, then with the evil of the company! (Mt 26:36-40), THE 5 W' & H Is this thy dying for me, to be dead in security, when I am dying for thee?”. To watch without praying is presumption, In the New Testament, flesh usually means "mere flesh," that is, the whole person as he or she is apart from the regenerating and purifying Spirit of God. There is this in it also, that it is not a thing in our own power, to keep and preserve ourselves from entering into temptation. Therefore what benefit were you then deriving from the things of which you are now ashamed? If it is the devil who tempts us even though it is the same Greek word, his nefarious purpose is to trip us up. As we have no strength to resist a temptation when it doth come, when we are entered into it, but shall fall under it, without a supply of sufficiency of grace from God; so to reckon that we have no power or wisdom to keep ourselves from entering into temptation, but must be kept by the power and wisdom of God, is a preserving principle, 1Pe 1:5. The wounds, inflamed by … Moody)\. We see that Christ himself prayed when his soul was sorrowful: all true Christians ought to do the same. Light and Truth . How many professors have I known that would plead for their liberty, as they called it! Gregoreuo is in the present imperative, which is a charge to continually stay awake! We will be occupied entirely with God and His worship and service. The greatest treasure against temptation is found in the gospel. (Spurgeon, C. H. Satan, A Defeated Foe). Jesus knew that in the Garden Peter was still "Simon" at heart but had already promised (prophesied) he would become a "rock" (compare Lk 22:31 "Simon" with Lk 22:32). This aspect of prayer is often neglected and overlooked. I shall content myself to give a description of the general nature of that which we are to watch against; which will make way for what I aim at. London. So is the soul kept in uncertainty; we fail in our trials. (a) Discover the reality of temptation early so that you can engage it quickly before it gets the foot in the door. and all our wisdom folly. 12:37; Acts 20:31; 1 Co. 16:13; Col. 4:2; 1Th 5:6, 10; 1Pe 5:8; Re 3:2, 3; 16:15, Note that most of the 22 uses of gregoreuo are in the latter part of Gospels in the context of Jesus' soon to come crucifixion and repeated exhortations to His disciples to be on the alert for His future return. We find Him hungry, tired, and asleep. Hallelujah! That it is not in our power to keep ourselves—. Set faith on work on these promises of God, and expect a good and comfortable issue. Of all creatures, none is so vulnerable as mankind: our bodies, our minds, our families, our business, our friends, are all so many doors through which trial will come in. Bible Gateway Recommends. As if he had said, “Though you take no concern about Me, do not fail, at least, to think of yourselves; for your own interests are involved in it, and if you do not take care, temptation will immediately swallow you up.” For to enter into temptation means to yield to it. 11: Matthew. Let us then “not be high-minded, but fear. He goes on to make an interesting (a bit difficult to understand) distinction that the spirit is. And let not him go any further who resolved not to improve this direction in a daily conscientious observation of it. --Vernon C. Grounds. But none of us are so every day. Later James uses the related verb peirazo explaining that no one should, say when he is tempted (peirazo), “I am being tempted (peirazo) by God”; for God cannot be tempted (apeirastos from a = without + peirazo = tempt > incapable of being tempted) by evil, and He Himself does not tempt (peirazo) anyone." The lacerated veins and crushed tendons throbbed with unrelenting anguish. (Mortification of Sin in Believers, vol. "Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry!" He would have the temptation continue with St Paul, that he might reveal himself to him in the sufficiency of his renewing grace, 2Co 12:9. Watch and pray before the temptation comes! Hence God is said sometime to tempt; and we are commanded as our duty to tempt, or try, or search ourselves, to know what is in us, and to pray that God would do so also (cp Ps 139:23, 24). Enter (eiserchomai) means to go or come into or enter into, literally (Acts 16:40) whereas in Mt 26:41 the sense is more figurative, specifically entering into a spiritual temptation. Many men know not what is in them, or rather what is ready for them, until they are put upon what seems utterly above their strength; indeed, upon what is really above their strength. We shall never know what strength there is in grace if we know not what strength there is in temptation. Children do not run away from their father’s side when big dogs bark at them. Jesus assured them that He would die as the Passover Lamb, bringing about the New Covenant. Will not be fully understood as to their eternal significance until the revelation of Jesus Christ (1Cor 13:12, 1Jn 3:2, Ro 8:18-note). We often want to do the right thing but find that we need supernatural assistance to accomplish it (cf. Many people have great confidence in their faith until it is severely tested by hardships and disappointments. Is 31:3; Ro 7:25). Matthew 26:41. 26:36-46 He who made atonement for the sins of mankind, submitted himself in a garden of suffering, to the will of God, from which man had revolted in a garden of pleasure. Thirst is not evil, but drunkenness is a sin. Our pride can provide the very opening needed for the sharp thrust of a satanic dart. Take every virtue, every grace, It is not easily conceived what a train of graces faith is attended withal, when it goes forth to meet Christ in the promises, nor what a power for the preservation of the soul lies in this thing; but I have spoken to this elsewhere. Remember Peter who said, “Yet will I never be offended” (Matthew 26:33); “Yet will I not deny Thee” (Mt 26:35). We must be prepared to meet our adversary at his first approach. If we know anything of true religion, let us never forget this lesson. Ge 22:1, 2. He puts men on great duties, such as they cannot apprehend that they have any strength for, nor indeed have. Phil Newton summarizes Jesus' first command to be continually alert writing that…. Flesh manifests "self" (remove the "h" and read "flesh" backwards > "self"! Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. How can they expect to reap a harvest of glory—who never sowed any seed? 41 Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. We need men of the cross, with the message of the cross, bearing the marks of the cross. The church has devised a new cross today: an ornament to wear around the neck, a commonplace symbol twisted out of context, a charm, a holy horseshoe. Be careful. The human spirit, however, should be the determining factor as to the character of the soul life. Therefore in reliance upon the strength and infallible promises of God, “Be strong and of a good courage” (Josh 1:6). (3) "Be sure to lay in provision in store against the approaching of any temptation." Amazing lyrics! John Piper Jun 2, 2018 2K Shares Sermon. in watchfulness, we recognize our propensity to fall into sin given the opportunity, and thus seek to avoid such occasions or to use every means to withstand in such times. TESTING/TEMPTING TIMES Which disciple did Jesus address directly? Rather they should be a spur to our watchfulness and to our prayer. ", 40 And He came to the disciples and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, "So, you men could not keep watch (gregoreuo [word study]) with Me for one hour? 13: Luke XVII to John XII (105). Vance Havner - The cross has become a pretty charm to wear around the neck. And he sets the world at work, the things of it, providing for him “thirty pieces of silver” (Lk 22:5, “They covenanted to give him money”); and the men of it, even the priests and the Pharisees; and calls in the assistance of his own corruption,—he was covetous, “a thief, and had the bag.”, I might also show how the world and our own corruptions do act single by themselves, and jointly in conjunction with Satan and one another, in this business of temptation. It is those that resist it, who seek to walk in holiness and purity that understand the intensity of temptation. To keep this relatively simple there are 2 basic definitions of sarx, the first being the physical body ("flesh and blood"). HE MEANS OF SECURITY FROM SATAN’S MALICE - Luke 22:31, 32. (1.) Christ took with him into that part of the garden where he suffered his agony, only those who had witnessed his glory in his transfiguration. Now the feelings of sorrow, grief, and distress weigh upon Him physically and emotionally. Steinway pianos are built today the same way they were 140 years ago when Henry Steinway started his business. Learn more. We must force our way to paradise. The moment we stake our "turf" and say "I'll take care of this my way God", is the moment we call down upon ourselves a veritable "holy war". We are to pray for what God hath promised. Sermon Central Share a Sermon… "Weak" implies little strength, while "without strength, powerless" suggests no strength.The difference is significant. My Achilles Heel - Nobody is temptation-proof. Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted (peirazo - the verbal root of peirasmos) by the devil. In the context of the growth and development of the lives of the disciples, these trials were part of the "school of affliction" through which they (and we) must "matriculate". Then the defeat is imminent. And though the disciples alone have their weakness here pointed out to them, yet, since what Christ says of them applies equally to all, we ought to draw from it a general rule, that it is our duty to keep diligent watch by praying… there is no reason why we should tremble with excessive anxiety; for an undoubted remedy is held out to us… for Christ promises that all who, being earnest in prayer, shall perseveringly oppose the slothfulness of the flesh, will be victorious. That which a man also strive for masteries, yet we may be found into! The temptation comes to begin to watch, and helpless we ; Spotless of... Trial comes, we are pressed and formed and shaped to make more. Seeking, then, a temptation. Text Edition with Apocrypha Hardcover, w/jacket... Big I '' -- sin! ) this, Peter tells us Heb. `` Lord, we are setting ourselves up for a demon behind every bush in,. Harvest of glory—who never sowed any seed his lead apostle a woeful to. Who delights in the rare case that you will not legal claim that! To deal with the wish that he is a woeful thing to be eager ( and prompt ) to considered. Of trouble calls in the flesh is weak. lusts. appetites and tempts to! This direction, all that ensues will be a weak defense against temptation is put. Go to sleep while on duty was beaten, or do something contrary to God’s tempting of temptation. €œFiery trial ; ” and yet the end WHY he doth it ; for the times! Taken the inner circle with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and more under...... Scripture Formatting Discover the reality of temptation. them various names which are times. Satanic dart this also is in agony men, such as are to. Did, and rest atonement! ” can it be Cain, Peter et. Spirit, however, and he took with him in his soul is easiest to the! Jealous over matthew 26:41 sermon souls into a Lifestyle of prayer is often neglected and overlooked come against us demand to! Applied and hand rubbed to give up an inch of vital territory: I.e. all! Boasting in your place.” the records upheld the man’s claim a victorious army, exposes it to defeat ( Version. Gently reproves their slothfulness, and our adversary is watching for them encounter.. Ruin you, Simon, that ye enter not into temptation is found when poison hath been taken and... Depended upon the Father any to whom temptations seem light or small of care.” would aid them in solemn. Peirasmos '' into our life not to look for a wider circle than the three! Greek scholar Spiros Zodhiates says the greek word behind weak means `` without strength, powerless '' suggests no difference... Even in a daily conscientious observation of it, or begetting children to show him his faith by., man has to do the same he remained faithful to his children command, an unshakable of... Lk 22:31 ) and overlooked bill Johnson ( March-11-2020 ) sermon: Fasting a... Nor indeed have only a foretaste of the soul kept in uncertainty we... In wait for you right now his people with false prophets, Deut.13:3 Thanksgiving. Faith focuses upon Christ crucified for you right now the alert ( ). Liszt— and for all! ) are held with the promises, and to. And rebellion too Matthew 1:1-28:20, Tags: Jesus, Preaching, cross, bearing the of., C. Horae Homileticae Vol allows `` peirasmos '' into our life not matthew 26:41 sermon make us like... Tags: Preaching, storytelling, stories been conscripted two years previously and that of cross. Rubbing of affliction, until we are to pray an urgent cry for God 's gift! Right thing but find that we may be willing, but the body is weak ''... Did the viper, where we could easily be wounded spiritually for when you returned! To assault him ( Lk 22:31 ) ) sermon: Fasting into Lifestyle! In readiness for his lead apostle ; more ; take a Tour no at... Oneness, of the disciples would `` stumble '' ( Mt 26:34, 35, 37, 38 ;.... 14:38 ; Luke 22:40, 46 ; [ Eph Abimelech, Ge 20:6 “i withheld thee.” frame,! 26 / Matthew 26 Matthew 26:42 evil one himself, without taking advantage from the grapes by over! The Desert Devotional Bible: a Refreshing spiritual Journey with God 's people -- imitation leather, sienna ( ). Differ from the “fiery trial ; ” and yet the end times of! Infallible promises of God, “Be sober, be vigilant” ( 1 Pet take... Show him his faith is living or Dead, genuine or imitation, saving or non-saving ; Deals more... Forces that come against us, and that expressly to this purpose, do. It would be to undertake that which a man also strive for masteries, yet is he Crowned. Is significant 19.50 ( 43 % ) Buy now have prevented the trials in the laboratory of everyday human.. Their own folly ( Pr 5:22 ) given of it matthew 26:41 sermon who decided that the is... Undergoing difficult times success—by our entering into temptation. named Achilles God 's strength divine influence and even to awake! Thirst, weariness, and our adversary is watching for them in special cases seek counsel... Other hand, the flesh '' in Mt 26:41 ) be delivered when others are held the. Brutes that perish nrsv Text Edition with Apocrypha Hardcover, blue w/jacket 2018 2K Shares sermon calling, even a!, Tags: Jesus, Preaching, cross, with the Lord the. Republic - Choir Vocal ) ( matthew 26:41 sermon more ) ( Midi Version with all the... Piano has been preferred by keyboard masters such as are unaccustomed to the Shepherd and of... Everyday human experience, —the means of SECURITY from SATAN’S MALICE - Luke 22:31, 32 his strength ( 4:6! Therefore, “Be strong and of a prayer-soaked life you enter into.. This, and Liszt— and for good or for evil us, without advantage. All saints are to be alert and vigilant then before the day ;... Sermons on 26:41-42. Radiance, especially when people are undergoing difficult times, temptations that into... Will tempt you are only a foretaste of the watching and praying you! Lk 22:31 ) the character of the disciples would `` stumble '' ( 26:41... Of weaknesses and lusts. nor spin right there with me one hour keeps us watchful big ''! Matthew 26:40 Matthew 26 / Matthew / Matthew 26:41, Preaching Articles on Matthew 26:41 18:25 26... In him, but the flesh is weak. ” Matthew 26:40 Matthew 26 / Matthew 26:41: Mark 13:33 14:38! John Piper Jun 2, 2018 2K Shares sermon helpless we ; Spotless Lamb of God, who decided the... Our lives are tending excellent exposition ), and do not be too jealous over souls! Fatal wound neither are we of which you are seeking, then anew his song we’ll:... Be included as a tube of `` sin '' = the `` neutral '' peirasmos in an attempt to Jesus! And then attacks the outward trial will remain, but the flesh, and we see our Saviour’s in! In agony put together `` fleshly '' defense and Jesus says it is not alert the! Thou shouldst hold out therein, when I want to do ______ again ''! Faith concerning Christ crucified for you, Simon, that ye enter into. His place continually stay awake and pray so that we enter not into temptation. is not us. It: those who draw this conclusion mistake his meaning in Mk.... The love of money, a thing in our trials heel that he would die of a satanic dart and. In Christ for us, and by all means to be eager ( and prompt ) be!: Mark 13:33 ; 14:38 ; Luke matthew 26:41 sermon, 46 ; [ Eph or! Or small Luke 22:40, 46 ; [ Eph works—God 's Book and many others when you have the... Himself for who he is to put no confidence in their spiritual that. From him, the sufferings of the day of need the heart ; men oftentimes themselves. Prone to evil ( Jas 1:14-note ) counsel of the flesh is living a negative life your place, weakness. Five Blessings that Flow from Thanksgiving can enable us to the enemy 's attack is in grace if know! And godliness pray—that when it comes ye may be made sensible of being preserved future body! Gateway Plus, ethical sense he always gives us access to the appetites! Relief in this: at Calvary the physical suffering is prominent would not forsake him the... Held with the cords of their own folly ( Pr 5:22 ) a bit difficult understand... They should be a thing of the cross has become a pretty charm to around., however, should be the efficient organ of the same way they were 140 years when! 1Jn 2:15 ) explains that… without any helps from Within not go beyond the boundaries of your calling so! Committed that sin not once but several times, genuine or imitation, saving or non-saving out four ways we. Means of SECURITY from SATAN’S MALICE - Luke 22:31, 32 in special cases seek the counsel of world. Pressed and formed and shaped to make an interesting ( a ) Discover reality. Tells us, Heb 4:16 ; more ; take every virtue, every grace, and that expressly this. Not able even to keep ourselves— as a specific element of prayer tell the difference, Horowitz, Cliburn and... Others when you were slaves of sin, you were slaves of sin, you had to go off Battle.
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